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Iron Cross VIII (long races produce long race reports)

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      This race report, much like Iron Cross itself, is long and convoluted because you see, there is no easy way to explain this thing that is Iron Cross. 62 miles of what? Walk-up where? On a cross bike? Nuts. For those who get it, Iron Cross is undertaken in a love of cyclocross and a spirit of shared suffering.

      Iron Cross:

      Iron Cross is a 62-mile cyclocross race run on the roads, fire roads, double and singletrack of Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania. Its reputation precedes it as hard, hard and did I say hard? It is modeled after the legendary 38-mile English cyclocross race, The Three Peaks, and thus the Iron Cross profile is three prominent peaks that provide over 6,000 ft of climbing. I think the best illustration of how hard it is is that the pros do it in 4 hrs. The pros average 15-16 mph on a course that is predominantly fire road.

      The course is typified by climbing and more climbing, interspersed by sections of technical trail and two “run-ups”, one of which is almost a sheer slope. Both equipment and racers are tested. The nature of the course is that gradient or technical trail will force you out of the pace you want to be riding and into a pace that tests your ability to make it to the end comfortably.

      My equipment:

      My CX bike underwent a few changes for this race. Drive train went from a 50/34 with 12-26 to a 42/34 with an 11-32. The 34

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      Loved your race report – thanks for posting!

      Congrats on killing your race – awesome work.


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