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Impact of tracking other activities in TP fitness level

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      Hi Lynda,

      I’m training for the CTR in July. I’m now starting W3 of the 40+ Base plan and will follow that with the CTR plan.

      During the first 2 weeks of the 40+ Base plan I’ve done fast walking and light weights training 5/6 times a week and tracked my HR while doing that. These activities were uploaded automatically to TP and TP assigned them a TSS (~15 for each fast walk; ~1.5 mi @ 12 min/mi and ~18 TSS for each 30 min of “aerobic” light weights; 30 sec rest between sets). While the TSS of each activity is small, the accumulated TSS of these activities per week is ~180-190.

      My thinking in doing that, was trying to capture the impact of all activities to try to get the most accurate picture of fitness and fatigue. However, I noticed that the plan doesn’t assign a TSS to any activities other than biking.

      My questions:

      1. Which CTL number will reflect better my fitness for a biking (bikepacking) race, one that includes activities other than biking or one that’s purely based on biking activities?
      2. Should I stop uploading non-biking activities with HR data to TP?


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      Hi Segundo,

      1. Count all aerobic activities towards your CTL.

      2. No.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thank you Lynda.

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