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HR Time Trial Results

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      AvatarTom S

      Hi Lynda,
      I did a HR Time Trial yesterday. Compared to a year ago, I wondering if there is something not right, or am I getting better at pacing. Both were on a trainer due to weather her in Massachusetts
      I’m 56, currently starting week 7 of the LW Coaching Masters Cross Country Base Training Plan. I didn’t do any other TT’s once all the race cancellations happened.
      Previous Yesterday
      2/22/20 2/7/21
      Ave HR 176 182
      Dist 6.64 6.87 miles
      Ave Speed 20.6 19.9 mi/hr
      Ave Cadence 97 93 RPM

      I’m surprised to see HR threshold go up despite being another year older. I usually do these after having coffee so caffeine would have been consistent.


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      Hi Tom,

      First off there is some discrepency with your data. Can you explain how you went further at a slower average speed? This makes any interpretation about performance murky. Were you slower or did you go further? Did your performance increase or decrease?

      Coach Lynda

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      AvatarTom S

      My mistake, put a number in the wrong column…
      HR 182
      Dist 6.64
      Speed 19.9
      Caden 93

      HR 176
      Dist 6.87
      Speed 20.6
      Caden 97

      Looks like 2021 is lower performance at a higher HR.

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        Looks like 2021 is lower performance at a higher HR.

        Yes, that is what your numbers say.

        Coach Lynda

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