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How Many 24 Solo Races Before Peak Race

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      Hi Lynda, I have a question about your view on optimal number of races that one could do before peaking at a 24 solo event.

      I notice that C. Eatough seems to me to be doing nothing but well spaced 100 mile and stage races then finishing off his season with a 24 Solo. Do you think this is intentional?

      How may 24 solo races did you do before your second place world championship performance a couple years ago? Did you do any 100 milers before?

      This topic could be a great article. What are your thoughts? Thanks for all your advice because I realize this is how you make a living and comments in the forum are non-billable.

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      If you are experienced and know how to accurately pace and execute a 24 hour race, 0-1 practice 24's leading up to the peak 24 is optimal. 24's spend fitness in a big way, they do not build. Ideally within

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      Thanks Lynda. Good info! I am suprised about the 6 month figure and to be honest it validates some of my experiences after a 24 hour effort.

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      I'll ask this here because I think it is along the same topic.

      But How much rest should be had

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      Recovery from endurance races depends on how deep you went at the race and how good your nutrition during and post race was. Times can vary widely from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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