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Halfway thru’ 6 Hr Finishers Plan

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      I thought I'd touch base seeing as I'm halfway through this plan. I've been riding for many, many years but I always find that an organized plan will help you learn still yet more about your riding. And so it has been including a few insights I had not anticipated. The good stuff is that today I decided that my legs are finally starting to look like riders legs! (been a while). I feel like I have a good base from the past 6 wks yet feel like the next 6 will be the time to knuckle down and really focus. Pretty much all of my riding has been solo and I have to admit that sometimes I long to just go and ride fast and free rather than X hrs in zone 2. (I'm taking that as a good sign though.) Also it turns out that I love the one-legged pedalling drills and I've also got back to riding lots of local trails that I hadn't ridden in a long time.

      I've also switched from nuun, which worked great for sprint tris, to EFS drink for extra calories/electrolytes (although diluted from recommended mix) and having hated PowerBars and anything chocolate, chocolate PowerBars seem to be hitting the spot. I also managed to wrap my rear derailleur on yesterday's ride, so having converted it to a singlespeed to get home I am feeling well and truly into the whole process!

      Downside, although ultimately upside, is that the discipline of the program and HR response etc showed me just 2 wks into the plan that my hypothyroidism was out of whack again. So currently adjusting dosage and waiting for all too settle down – hopefully by race time. The giveaway for me was not as much pep as usual and also HR having little moderation – straight from Z1 to Z4 or higher with little in between. I still want to do the race I'm training for so am continuing to ride for time and aim for the lower end of HR zones prescribed – the next 4 wks will be interesting with the increased intervals and top end stuff. There seems to be a dearth of reading/internet on hypo and athletic performance so fingers crossed that all goes well.

      There's also a local 12-hr race the day that I have to do my 6hr ride so I will test the “can I stay in Z2?” discipline and ride the first 6hrs of that.

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