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Half Marathon (running) "race" plus long social MTB

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      Hello Lynda!
      I am 40+ endurance rider and agreed to run a Half Marathon (Nov) with my boss! UGH! I have your finisher plan and weight loss plan (used after 4 months of bike after spine surgery thank you!) Although I rarely did the running on that plan. I am totally unmotivated to run. I don’t like it before or during but I feel great after and know it helps my fitness. I have finished some half’s in the past, but it’s been 5 or so years.

      I know myself and know I will choose to ride instead of run on any given day, especially weekends when I should be doing long runs. I do have a lot of flexibility in my schedule though.

      Do you have any plans that include distance running while still having lots of MTB? I don’t need to be a fast rider for the remainder of the year, but need to be able to keep up and go 20-30 miles with my husband and friends. I just need to finish and am willing to even walk/run the Half. I would be fine with a 2.5 hour finish haha!

      Do you have any tips for motivation?

      Thank you!

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      **I have your 50mile finisher 40+

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      Lynda will probably have more to say when she gets back in town. Here is my take on your situation.

      Running is pretty tough on cyclists who have not been running. If you haven’t been running recently your biggest challenge is to arrive at the start of the run adapted enough to running to prevent injury. We don’t have plans that include distance running, but you will want to build up your run volume gradually (gradually being the key word!) leading to your event.

      How to keep motivated? Let’s see…some ideas:
      – find a group of friends that run, at your level and do one or two each week with them.
      – like apps? Headspace is a meditation app we really like, and they have sessions designed to do during a run.
      – there are other apps with voice guidance to help pace and build volume appropriately.
      – run early in the day. Then you get that post-run glow all day long.

      I can’t stress the gradual build enough…cyclists have big aerobic engines but joints and muscles are not adapted to running. Start slow!


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      Thanks for the advice, Dave! I do think taking it easy will be the hardest. I started with a “walking to running in 30 days” plan with some adaptions since it is most likely for sedentary people. I wasn’t able to really get my heart rate up walking and slow running, so it is frustrating, but I agree that preventing injury is the most important. I will probably run/walk the race as well.
      Thank you again!

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      I agree with everything Dave posted. Build your running up gradually and stay under your injury threshold.

      Coach Lynda

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