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Ganther – Race the Lake 2016

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      Hi there I did an event this weekend. August 2016 – Ganther Race the Lake in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin
      Yes its more of a Grand Fondo, but its run like a race still.

      Good evening. Rode in group 3. gRoup was fast and we caught the wave 2 racers. I found myself able to hang with the lead guys most of the time. Able to keep a fast pace. Felt strong, confident and no problems in keeping up. Seems training programs did work.

      However in the 90 mile race around the 70 mile point i was getting cramps. Had to ease off and take a few Hammer Endurolytes, which works, kept up my Electrolyters whole way, and took in proper calories, thought it would work
      however around the last 8 miles, right leg, cramped out really really bad, with no warning and that it was it for me. I finished but was crawling to finish line. on one leg. But overall things went well. Now the mystery starts, is figure why i cramped so much, after having such a good race prior and all the 82 miles things went well.
      Thoughts? and oh yes. thanks for your help

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      Congrats on a strong ride. Read this article for tips:

      How do I prevent muscle cramping during MTB races?


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