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FTP threshold Tacx

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      My FTP is set to 266W after my outside FTP test with 281 W in 20 min. In my experience I need to use a lower FTP value inside on the Tacx, inside feels really harder and also I have an higher hart rate comparing with outside training. I am used to use an FTP value 5%-10% lower. What is your experience?

      In Trainingpeaks I use MTB activity for outside training and Bike activity for inside training configured with different FTP values.

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      Hi Frank,

      It is normal to see a difference in FTP indoors to outdoors, especially if you mostly ride outside. Using a lower FTP value for indoor interval training is a good strategy.

      Often in the winter when athletes spend more time indoors and less time outdoors this FTP gap lessens and may disappear. It is not a static situation. Becoming more adapted to indoor riding or riding on an app like Zwift that mimics many aspects of riding outdoors will also narrow the FTP gap between indoor/outdoors.

      Coach Lynda

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      Hi Lynda. Thanks. If you train a lot inside maybe an indoor FTP test is a good choice? I will monitor the feel and difference in heart rate. We will see.

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      Hey Frank, one thing that really helped me was a very powerful fan. Not sure where you are in the world but Lasko make excellent fans for the construction industry and here in the states you can pick one up at Homedepot. These fans move a lot of air, way more than a box fan, and are very quiet and compact. I combine it with a Wemo plug which allows me to turn the fan on and off from my phone.

      Lasko fan on amazon

      Hope that helps

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