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FTP Issue in Zwift

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      Hi Linda,
      Using 40+ Master XC MTB Base Training Plan. Day 2 “Heart Rate Power and Performance Field Test (RPE)”. In Training Peaks the plan shows the steps and associated RPE. In Zwift, each step is shown as “Free Ride” (ie. RPE is not shown). This is the second time I’ve used this plan, and the first time I did not have this issue in Zwift. Does this sound like a Zwift issue or is there a fix I can do in TP?


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      Hi Cory,

      This is a feature not a bug! It is not a Zwift issue but an upgrade we made to our training plans. We switched testing last season from power based to RPE based. We want to know your power and test your limits, not tell you what power you should be riding during a test and provide limits for you.

      Free ride means you ride faster to raise effort, slower to lower effort – just like outside. To properly do a test requires a maximal effort. A smart trainer file with prescribed power does not work for testing because we don’t know what your maximal effort will be, that’s what we’ll find out with the test. We changed to RPE based test so the rider rather than the smart trainer controls the effort.

      Coach Lynda

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      Full disclosure, when I saw that each warm up step in Zwift just showed “Free Ride” and not what RPE zone I should ride in (for the warm up), I didnt do the workout/ftp test. However, I just tried the ftp test in Zwift again, and noticed that at the very beginning of each warm up zone, it briefly shows what RPE I should ride in. I can see why the actual 20 minute test would not have a prescribed zone, but it threw me off when the warm appeared to not have them as well. Thanks for the info!

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