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      Try out our new Plan Finder App to get a training plan recommendation.

      Please start a new topic when asking a forum question.

      Always provide your race goal date, name and distance or duration.

      Here are more tips to get the most out of your time, and the most accurate answer from me.

      • For a recommendation on the best way to stack plans to peak for specific races and achieve your goals, please include race names, distances and dates. The date is important so I know how many weeks you have to train for your goal.
      • For questions about your current training plan, please start out your question by telling me which training plan you are using and what week number you are on.
      • For questions about a specific workout, please state which training plan, week and day on the plan it appears and then cut and paste the workout description.
      • Avoid using the phrase “quick question” in your post.
      • Number each of your questions. Include a “?” question mark at the end of every sentence that is a question to designate it as such.
      • Spelling my name correctly, with a y (Lynda) and not an i (Linda) is appreciated.


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