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      I have been training consistently but not as much speed and intervals in the past 6 months as I abandoned my training program when Covid hit. I decided to do this very hard race on September 12 2020 and what I want to know is what can I add in this month before the event to enhance my race outcome. I have endurance but speed and anaerobic is a little weak.

      Thank you so much for any advice 🙏🏻

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      Hi Ellen,

      I recommend adding in 2 sessions per week with a focus on speed. Do your first session with shorter harder efforts such as 4 x 4 and the second session more focused on threshold efforts such as 4 x 12. Keep in 1 endurance ride per week and polish up your skills once per week.

      Enjoy racing again!

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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