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Firecracker 50

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      I just completed the Firecracker 50 in Breck on the fourth – my fourth time doing the event, third solo. Was in 30-34 expert category. I finished can’t quite remember, either 11th or 13th out of a pretty stacked field of 17 or so. My time was a personal best, so thank you for the guidance with your PR 50 plan. I was aiming for a sub 5 hour time and actually on pace for sub 4:45. I took your advice and tried to sit back on the first lap in z3, but that was tough for me. I think I was in z4-4.5 for most of the race – had a blazing time up lil French gulch (sub 15 minutes, cleaned it too!) and was probably 7-10 minutes behind the lead pack at the turn. My nemesis with this race has always been the second lap start back up Boreas pass to the tank (6 mile climb) and usually 10-15 minutes slower. This time I was still slower, but had no signs of bonking or cramping.

      I did crash twice – one left bad road rash after my tire came off the bead on a tight sandy entry point after a gate. But, I got the tire back on and was on my way in pain – about 35 miles in. Few miles later was off line on a jeep road nd couldn’t hang on. But got back on and on my way!
      Finished 5:10.
      Feedback: Not sure. Would increasing the intensity help or hurt during the big training blocks of your 50 miler PR plan? Maybe add more 4-5 hour rides in too? Other than that I felt great at the end and not physically or mentally drained. I’d like to do this race next year but sub 4:40. Rest of the summer for me I have biweekly mtb races with some road races/crits and then cross season.

      Thank you!

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      Congrats on your personal best. Thanks for the great photo and feedback. Sub 4:40 is a strong goal!


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