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Faulkner Four: Week 4, Day 7 of 100km Finisher Plan

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      So, Week 4, Day 7 called for a 4 hour MTB training ride… I decided to enter the Faulkner Four to satisfy my training requirements and give a little race experience too.


      My goals going in were to: 1) Finish the full race, and 2) NOT be “DFL” (results).  I accomplished both of those tasks, but I SHOULD have had (as I was supposed to) an explicit task to watch fueling (4hr bottle of Perpetuem fortified with Endurolytes powder and water from my hydration pack) closely and make double danged sure I was fueling properly. I should have ALSO made a concrete commitment to adhere to the training Zone guidance and OBEY my HR monitor.


      I finished 5 laps in 4:12:55 with a total distance of 29.52 miles, Avg Cadence of 75 and average HR/ Zone of 151bpm/3.7


      I am very happy to have finished 5 laps, stayed in the saddle for 4 hours, and covered 29.52 miles on an MTB trail (all personal bests, BTW).  However, I was an epic fail on engine management.


      I failed to keep my heart in Zone 2 (95% of time) and Zone 3 (<= 5%).And, while I DID consume all of my fuel as planned, I drastically under-consumed water.  My plan was to test at 16 oz/hour replacement level…  I had 44 oz. remaining in my pack from an initial 70 oz partial fill…  This means I only took in about 26 oz total, or approx. 6.5 oz per hour…. woefully inadequate… AND my post-race weight proves that I allowed my dehydration to affect my performance…  down 3lbs (1.5%) net at 60 degree temps… The above two failures probably contributed heavily to my significant hamstring cramping on the switchback climb half-way through Lap 5…  I walked them out to the top of the hill and finished the lap pedaling, but my lap time was drastically longer by about 8 minutes. Here is my GarminConnect File.


      Next week (4.5 hr ride), I will 1) insure my electrolyte and hydration levels are peaked (3 days prior to ride), 2) up my Endurolyte dosage in my fuel bottle to 3 scoops per hour, and MOST importantly, make SURE I take in 16 oz per hour of H2O… (Need to get good ride tests to get data on a graph to correlate 50% fluid replacement vs. ride/race temps)


      Again… I set personal bests with longest time in the saddle and longest MTB distance, and I am happy about this… and the race practice was good eye-opener to fuel/engine management, but I am going to have to get with it if I am going to go from 4 hours and <30 miles to 8.5 hours and 65 miles.... on a much more difficult trail.


      I MUST finish the Ouachita Challenge!

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      Congrats on your personal bests. Sounds like a first class day of training and learning in the bag.

      Thanks for the report.


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