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      Hi again Lynda

      I completed the Masters Base Program and now have started on 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Training Plan as we had discussed in a previous thread .
      I am now at week 3, day 1
      Event day is 25 October (11 weeks away )

      1: I gave my self an extra week in the lead up (I started at 25 weeks instead of 24)- assuming that something would come up , but nothing has yet .
      In an ideal world if nothing does get in the way ,is there a week that would be worth redoing? to take up the extra time I allowed .

      2: there is a low key race series starting this weekend ( maybe only 45 min worth – short /flat ) could that be snuck in on a recovery week/end . ie week 3 day 7 ?
      Or should I just stick to the longer term goal – there is 2 x more races in the series , but they will fall on days that the program has 5.5 and 6 hrs days , so Im sure the endurance is more important for my goal

      I hope your break last month was great !!

      PS : Im really stoked with the gains being made so far by following the structure !
      I have just purchased Fuel Right , Race Light to make sure I get the best out of it all .

      Dave in New Zealand

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      extra note- looking at work / life commitments , Week 8 days 6 & 7 will be the ones that I will struggle to commit to fully .
      Could that be a good one to repeat and carry on from there ?


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      Hi Dave,

      Are you currently working with the Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record training plan (as previously recommended).


      100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan (as you note in your above post).

      The weeks are different in these 2 plans so I want to clarify exactly which plan you are currently using before I make recommendations.

      Coach Lynda

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      Apolgies its is the Masters 40+ plan .

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      Hi Dave,

      I recommend repeating week #2 and inserting it into the schedule so it lines up with the second local race in the series.

      Week 8 is a recovery week. Missing out rides that week is fine so long as you are recovering well off the bike during those days and not spending loads of energy doing something else.

      Great to hear you are making solid gains and that you are able to race again in NZ. Kiwis are doing it right!

      Coach Lynda

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      Thanks Lynda

      Sorry , just to get my head around the insertion of a week .

      So I would carry on as current for another week – complete week 4 . Insert week 2 then – pick up back at week 5 and run that all the way to the event ?
      ( I presume I can change the dates on TP ??)

      And that would just give me a 4 week cycle for that period ( ie 3 on-@ 10.5/11.5/14.5 hrs , 1 rest)

      Looking at the ramp up of hours /tss etc would this still be an ok scenario even If i decide to not do the races ? I would presume I would just keep a close eye recovery !
      I noticed a little extra fatigue this week after the first ‘couple of big weeks’.

      I am more than happy to remove the local races in favor of getting the end result right .

      We have and an escaltion on Covid here , but it sounds like the Govt has a good reaction so hopefully the evnt will still go ahead for the end of Oct’.


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      Sorry me again ….

      Or… if i was to decide that the work/life events that currently fall on week 8 are too major to juggle .

      is there a good option to insert a week after (current) week 8 to extend it out ? ( as that does currently work quite well.

      I see week 9 is big but then the next few reduce

      thanks and sorry for being a pain with the questions …. 🙂

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      Week 11 is a good one to repeat also.

      Coach Lynda

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