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      Ok, warning, I have to sound like an infommercial for a second. But wow, I just can't say enough about these plans provided Lynda. The last couple years I have suffered my way through racing in the Sport XC 19-35 category here in Nebraska. I moved up pretty quickly from beginner but had struggled since mainly due to lack of consistency in training. I always had the strength could win sprints on weekend rides with friends but couldn't sustain anything and 10 minutes into races my legs cramp with LA and boom the race is done.'

      This winter reading Jeff Kerkove's blog I cam across Lynda's site and upon her recommendation I decided to do the expert time crunched program. I really dream of moving up categories.

      So far this year, I've made it through the 12week base and build and now am into week 3 of build and peak. In week 9 of the base plan I finished 27th out of 80 in a cat 3-4-5 road race, but then in week 12 of the base plan I finished 6th in a local criterium. The first XC race of the year in the Psycowpath Mountain Bike series in Nebraska

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      Awesome report.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      Good luck with the next races.


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