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Everest bike choice

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    Bike 1: Trek Emonda (road), 14 pounds, lowest gear: 34 x 28, 25c tires

    Bike 2: Niner RLT RDO (gravel), 18 pounds, lowest gear 34 x 42, 35c tires

    So I have ridden both these on the segment I have chosen. 5.3 mile climb, average grade 5.3%, steepest grade 10%, median grade 7%. Total elevation gain on this segment is 1500 feet. Plan on doing 20 laps.

    1st time was on my road bike. On the steeper pitches I found my HR climbing into the 140’s and cadence of 78-80. Felt like I was going harder than I wanted to. It took 38 minutes to climb and 11 minutes to descend.

    2nd time, 4 days later, was on my gravel bike. My sweet spot was the 32 cog and was able to hold a comfortable pace. Probably spent 50% of the time in this gear, with the remaining time being evenly split between the 28 and 32 cog. It took 41 minutes to climb and 12 minutes to descend.

    Weather conditions the same, but dealing with mild nasal allergies while riding the gravel bike. Even though the gearing was easier, I still felt sluggish. I don’t know if this was because of the 4 pound weight difference, with prolly 1-1.25 pounds of that being rotational weight, or my allergies.

    I do have the option of putting an 11-30 cassette on the road bike. Just not sure if given its lighter weight that by doing this it will be the equivalent of pedaling my gravel bike in the 32 cog.

    Decisions, decisions. Any advice much appreciated.

    I will be taking both bikes to do this challenge May 17.


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    14 lb road bike with an 11-30 is the optimal choice 🙂

    Coach Lynda

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