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Energy while training

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      Hi Lynda,

      I’m training according to master PB 100 mile plan. On last Sunday I had 3h L2 ride. I had breakfast before training and I had only electrolyte drink with me on my ride. My legs weren’t at their best and the training felt heavier than it was supposed to be. On Monday I had day of from training and 11h work day. On Tuesday morning week 5 in my training plan, there was 3X20 min FTP and I was struggling with the training. I managed to do only 1x20min and 1x10min. I do always my training on morning before work. I don’t eat anything, because I don’t have time.. I have electrolyte drink and one portion Power energy gel shots while my training.
      It is obvious that I would need some help with my nutrition.. Should I always have energy drink, gels etc with all other training except recovery rides 0,5-1h.

      Thank you for your help!

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      Hi Tuuku,

      Short answer: Yes, you should always have energy drink, gels etc with all other training except recovery rides 0,5-1h.

      Week 4 and 5 in the Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record training plan are tough weeks and will have exactly the effect you describe if you get behind on fueling or sleep. You should always fuel before, during and after all rides other than short recovery rides. If you get behind on fueling on one day it will have impacts downstream just like you are experiencing.

      Every detail you need to know about fueling for optimal training and racing is in the Fuel Right Race Light eBook we have available on our site.

      Coach Lynda

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