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Endurance Training for 2019

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    I’m 48 and am hoping to make next year one of my best in quite a few. I have been road and mtb racing for over 25 years (with a few breaks), including many 100+ mile and 24-hour mtb races.
    I live in SW Wisconsin so training outside can be difficult during the winter months, as we seem to get more rain/ice than snow the last few years.

    I have followed a few of your training plans in the past to prepare for the Arrowhead 135 (24hr solo PR) and Chequamegon 100 (40+ 100 PR).

    I just finished my 3rd Marji Gesick 100 (40+ 100 PR) a few weeks ago, and I was just accepted to race the 1st edition of the Marji Gesick 200 scheduled for Sept 20, 2019.

    My plans for 2019 include:
    – January 28 – Arrowhead 135: Winter A Race – (24hr solo PR? starting in a few weeks.)
    – June 15 – Chequamegon 100 MTB: B Race
    – July 27 – 24hrs Wausau MTB: B Race – (primarily to dial feeding/riding strategy for Marji)
    – Aug 17 – 225-mile road ride across Wisconsin: C event
    – Sept 20 – Marji Gesick 200 MTB: A RACE

    I would like to improve:
    – my climbing (2-8 minute hills),
    – overall strength,
    – and FTP for the coming summer.

    1) What should I be doing over the next 3 weeks before Arrowhead training kicks in? (Assuming you’d still recommend the “24hr Solo PR” plan.)
    2) What do you recommend for a training stack to peak for Marji next year?
    3) Any other thoughts?

    Let me know if you need any further information.


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    Hi Dan,

    That’s a big season planned out for 2019 – looks great! I like the spacing you have between your big events.

    Thanks for numbering your questions and providing dates for all your events!

    1) I recommend taking a break from structured training for the next 3 weeks. Ride and have fun on your bike but don’t do anything long or hard. Rehab any injuries, do some yoga and keep up with your core strength. If you are more than 15 lbs over your ideal race weight, lose a few pounds during this 3 weeks away from structured training.

    2) I recommend you follow the 24 hr PR plan to peak for Arrowhead then follow it with a week off training.

    2/11/19 – Start our 12-week Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan This is the block to increase your power, strength and FTP.

    5/6/10 – Start the 40+ 100 PR and follow weeks 1-6, racing Chequamegon 100 in week 6

    6/17 – week off training for recovery
    6/24 – Start the 24 hour solo PR plan and follow weeks 8-12, racing 24hrs Wausau in week 12

    7/29 – Week off to sleep and recover
    8/5 – Week 4, 24 hour solo PR plan
    8/12 – Week 7, 24 hour solo PR plan with 225-mile road ride across Wisconsin
    8/19 – Week 8, 24 hour solo PR plan, but miss out the test and the long ride.
    8/26 – Week 9, 24 hour solo PR plan
    9/2 – Week 10, 24 hour solo PR plan
    9/9 – Week 11, 24 hour solo PR plan
    9/16 – Week 12, 24 hour solo PR plan and race Marji Gesick 200

    3) Marji Gesick 200 sounds like a beast of an event!!! This is a great plan stack leading up to it. This is a long time of racing and structured training so really take advantage of these next 3 weeks off plan.

    Coach Lynda

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    I am about to start the next phase for 2019 – Build.

    You recommended the “40+ Build Peak Race”. However, I don’t have a targeted event following the 12 weeks and I would like to be even more aggressive, with weight lifting and intervals to improve strength and VO2. Was possibly thinking the “Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base”?

    I am wondering if the rest/recovery weeks would be spaced out too much? Since I’m in the old-farts category (48 years young).

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks again,

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    Increase FTP

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    FYI… I wasn’t able to complete the last training phase, as I broke ribs/punctured lung. So I had an about a month off with no activity. I have been riding with steadily increasing intensity for about a month now. And rode about 70 miles of the Arrowhead 135 race.

    Not very happy about losing all fitness, but that’s life… I would like to work as hard as possible to still have a great summer. Just want to go about it in the right way.

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    Hi Dan!

    Stick with the Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan This is the plan to increase your power, strength and FTP. I do not recommend switching to the Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base as it has less strength training and less recovery. These are 2 things you will benefit having the right amount of in your 40+ plan.


    Coach Lynda

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