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Early season XC A race

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      Hi again, Lynda. I have an XC race on April 23 which is more of an A race than my mid summer races that my Masters build and race XC plan has me peaking for. I am finishing the base plan and starting the build plan on February 27.

      1) I wanted to squeeze out any extra fitness for this race that I can. Is there any adjustment I could make early on during the build plan such as repeating week two of the threshold and Z5 intervals for a full three weeks of training before the rest week?

      2) I’ve recently been using a smart trainer after years of intervals with a fluid trainer. When using ERG mode for threshold intervals should I manually set the target power to the middle/upper end of the threshold power range if I can consistently complete the intervals as opposed to the middle target where it automatically lands?

      Thanks for all of your help!

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      Hi DBentley,

      1) Your 4/23 race lands at the end of week 8 which is perfect! I don’t recommend making any changes.

      2) If you can easily hit all intervals in the middle of the target zone and have good legs to hit the targets in every workout the rest of the week, your FTP has likely increased. It is ok to inch power up to the top of the zone in this case. If that still feels too easy, I recommend re-testing your FTP and re-setting your power levels.

      Coach Lynda

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