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Doing FTP Tests – MTB or Gravel Bike?

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      AvatarSteven Wagner

      Sorry for the noob sounding question.

      I am starting the 40+ MTB endurance training plan. I can do the FTP tests on my MTB or Gravel bike. I would ride the same 2-3% dirt road for the tests – so that is a constant.

      Any reason to NOT do the FTP on the MTB? Other than the fact I may train some of the “Bike” intervals on the Gravel bike with a different power meter.

      Anything else I am missing about doing your FTP on a MTB?


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      Hi Steven,

      Use any bike you like for the power test! The key to a good test is the ability to stay at a comfortable cadence and stay on-the-gas for the whole test. No stops and no coasting is essential.

      Ideally your gravel and MTB power meters will agree and give identical numbers. Be diligent about following the manufacturer’s instructions for calibration.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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