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Discount for 2 training plans??

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      I would like to get a Base training plan and the 7 day stage race PR plan. Do you have a discount for 2 plans?

      Thanks –

      Happy New Year.

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      Not at the moment. In fact my costs to Training Peaks just tripled as January 1st they tripled their fees to me. At the moment I am reassessing how I sell the training plans. Any suggestions are welcome.

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      Lynda –

      I have used 3 or 4 different training plans, thay all have been linked to trainingpeaks and I don't use it. If you have your plans and they are formatted why don't you sell them from your site with out the trainingpeaks account? Just make the trainingpeaks an option?

      I train with power and my SRM came with cyclingpeaks WKO+ software that I use.

      Just a thought.

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      I agree with chpfly, training peaks puts the compicated back into training.

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      Is that why they are releasing Training Peaks 3.0?

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      Linda has put a post on asking what people think of Training Peaks, it looks as if most people don't use it.

      Probably the only benefit to Linda is the promotion of Linda as a coach.

      Saying that, I actually found Linda through reading another cyclists blog.

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