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Desert Rats Classic 100K

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      Since turning 50 this past year I decided early to make it a fun one and
      enter a few races (I had completed two 100K races a couple of years ago without
      a plan).  After an exchanges with Lynda, I settled on the TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country MTB Base Training Plan12 weeks , followed by the  100 km
      Mountain Bike Race – Personal Record Plan 12 weeks


      After looking over last year’s results for Desert Rat’s for my age group
      (just under 5:20 won it), I had a conservative goal of finishing around 5:30,
      and a pie in the sky goal at 5:00.

      Lynda gives some great pacing strategy in her plan.  I stuck with it and had faith it would work.  The first quarter of the race has the most climbing and more technical part of the trail.  As I was finishing it up I did not think I had a chance at 5 but the 5:30 was within reach.  I kept to the plan, stayed patient, and did not panic when I got passed by a few racers. At the half way point I felt great and had made very good time.  Seemed like 5:15 was in reach as I knew I was going to pick up the pace a bit – although there was more elevation gain in the 2nd half.  Since this was an
      out and back course, I knew the last quarter would be the most challenging due
      to the technical portions and rougher/slower trail.  I kept plugging away and stayed where I needed to in my zones and started passing some of the guys that had left me in their dust.  I felt strong and kept pushing and realized I had a shot at the 5 hour goal.  At 4:15 or so I stayed on the gas and picked up the pace where I could and finally saw the finish a mile plus away and really pushed it.  I picked off the
      last rider I could see and finished fast and strong at 4:52.  One 50+ finished 16 seconds quicker and I was 13th overall!

      I have to say how I felt and how I raced far exceeded my expectations.  Not having the racing experience, I was not confident I would be able to maintain mostly heart rate Z3 in the 1st half of the race, and then have mostly Z4 in the 2nd half.  I finished with 49% in Z3, 46% Z4, and 3 % in Z5.  I felt great throughout, at the finish, after the race, and these past two days following.  I fully attribute it to having an awesome LW Coaching plan, the guidance and questions answered by Lynda in a consulting
      session and follow up emails, and of course – executing all workouts.  Thanks Lynda for the awesome plan and direction!

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      Congrats on finishing in 4:52 and exceeding your pie-in-the-sky goal! That's fast! Nice work sticking to the pacing plan – it does take faith and patience to do that.

      Thanks for the race report and nice words about my training plans.


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