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Denmark is flat!!

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      I’m starting the Bikepacking Race Training Plan for 5-10 days on this comming monday (May 1st) in order to prepare for the IronBike in Italy in july.

      My challenge is that the course requires ~10h of biking/hiking each day in a very hilly terrain. While i can prepare for the long hours – Denmark is virtually flat so it’s difficult to do very race specific training.

      Do you have any advice as to how I could prepare for a lot of climbing – without any mountains/hills?


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      Hi Bo,

      Here are a few ideas on how to train for hills without hills:

      – While in Denmark, take advantage of windy days. Pedal into strong winds to mimic the resistance found riding uphill.
      – Travel to areas with hills for your overnight trips and higher volume training blocks.
      – Ride the hill intervals on flat terrain in a bigger gear than normal to lower your cadence, increase pedal force and adapt your muscles to the similar efforts found while climbing hills.
      – Find a short steep hill to hike-a-bike up. Do laps on this hill to accumulate hike-a-bike time.

      Coach Lynda

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