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Date change of a Plan

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    I purchased a 12 week base training plan which was scheduled to begin yesterday in Training Peaks. I however have caught a cold and would like to move forward by a week or 2. Is there a way in Training peaks to move the entire calendar?

    Thank you

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    I found the solution via another post. Sorry new to this program.
    This worked well!!

    Ok- I was able to move my plan to a new date. Not sure if this is common knowledge but I left clicked on the paragraph symbole on the SUMMARY bar on the right side of the training week. A menu appears and I selected SHIFT. You can then rearrange your entire plan in a multitude of different ways. It was easier than click and drag.

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    Perfect! Glad you found the solution.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Here are some tips on staying healthy while training and how to make your comeback once you are better.

    The Athlete’s Survival Guide to the Cold and Flu Season

    Coach Lynda

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