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    Hi Lynda. I’m 48 and have doing the Masters base, Masters build and race and now am doing the Masters 50 mile training as I have a 50 miler at the end of september. This year I’ve been getting quad cramps (vastus medialis) near the end of hard rides and races. I never had these until this year. It happens when I go out of the saddle to climb but only at the later stages of training or racing. I’ve worked on hydration, nutrition(electrolytes) and stretching to help but not much is different so far. I did recently realize that I don’t do much out of saddle climbing during training so I have been increasing my out of the saddle climbing a lot in the last few weeks to hopefully help.

    Can you recommend any general advice or strength training for the quads in addition to the weekly prescribed squats, dead lifts, box blasts that may help?



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    Hi Daum,

    Here is our Guide to Prevent Muscle Cramping.

    Cramping is frustrating and painful! You are on the right track with monitoring your hydration and nutrition and stretching and strength training. I do recommend keeping up with your out-of-the-saddle training but don’t recommend adding in more strength training than is already in the plan. Take a look at the neuromuscular theory of cramping in the above link and give Hotshot or pickle juice a try next time you feel a cramp coming on.

    Coach Lynda

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