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      I am on a day that includes a “Bike 1:00 M5b” then a second workout for regeneration.

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      No not common. Have a look at your hydration and electrolyte balance.

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      It could be hydration but I dont think I am doing anything diffrent than the past except more core strength workouts (old dude now).

      I was reading Joe Friel's blog “Electrolytes and Muscle Cramps” and he mentions new resurch on

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      Where are your cramps?

      Uterus, stomach,

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      Well … I dont have a uterus … lol! 🙂

      Recently doing core it was my Lower Legs (gastrocnemiu) and the foot!

      Last summer the Hamstrings froze up in a 100 mile MTB race.

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      Your cramping appears in working muscles – the big ones. This tends to pop up when you work them a lot harder than they are used to. Which is the goal of training… You might need to back off a little though.

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      Back off training or back off in the race?

      Last year's training included 570 hrs, 5,002 miles, and 407,284 ft of climbing. I am 42 so I did two week blocks then 1 week recovery instead of the usual 3 week block then 1 week rest.

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      Back off when you feel cramping coming on.

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