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Comteplating plans stack and races

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      Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for all of the great resources and plans here. I hope you’re staying safe, sane, and well. I’m looking for your recommendation on training plan stack for this season. My two A races are:
      Aug 29 100km Big Sky Biggie (10,000′ climbing, sustained)
      Nov 14 MTB Nats 50 mile (~3,500′ climbing)

      I have ridden regularly for years, always structured in the winter months, not so much when outside riding starts (April). I decided that I want to follow a plan strictly throughout the year this year and stumbled across your plans last fall and liked what I saw. Your plan finder suggests starting with XC Base, which I’m in week 7 of. I’m trying to decide what will build the most fitness with the above race goals. Nats are higher priority than Big Sky, but still wouldn’t mind doing well there because it’s local and I have a rival. So, A+ = Nats, A- = Big Sky. They happen to fall 12 weeks apart.

      Looking for your suggestion on the optimal stack after I finish XC base:
      XC Build & Peak
      50m PR

      100k PR
      50m PR

      Only reason I’m considering the build is because I wouldn’t mind getting some strength on top of the base and am interested in your opinion on whether the 100k PR will build enough strength for 50 m Nats or if the XC Build will have enough endurance for Big Sky. My B and C races range in distance from 50m – 80m (mix of mtb and gravel), pending COVID-19. Thanks for your time and guidance.

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      Hi Koudja,

      I recommend our 100k PR then 50m PR plan stack. Training accurately and peaking for Big Sky 100k will produce your highest performance gains and be the best build for your Nationals training.

      After racing Big Sky on 8/29, take a week off training to recover. On 9/7 switch to the 50 miler PR plan and follow plan week 1. 9/14 skip to plan week 4 (miss out weeks 2 and 3). Then continue on to week 12 and a peak on 11/14 at Marathon Nationals.

      Coach Lynda.

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