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Colorado Trail touring Crossfit and training please advise.

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    My wife and I are planning to start the Colorado trail bikepacking adventure on July 4th 2019.

    We are avid crossfitters 4-5 times a week.

    We would like to follow a program with you that allows us to still hit these types of workouts. I understand the focus is going to be on the Colorado Trail – but we do not want to give up what we love.

    We were thinking about picking up the Bikepacking 5-10 day race training program for use with an indoor trainer i.e. Wahoo Kicker/zwift I guess..

    This will allow us to train when we can – not when the weather here in Colorado allows us.

    How do we work to account for training when the weather is nice, and we have the time required to go outside? Is there more insight on this available?

    Do we need to buy 2 training programs or both of us follow the same one?

    Finally and maybe most importantly,

    I am worried that the pre-packaged plan will not account properly for our wanting to hold on to crossfit. Is there some recommendation here on this?


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    Hi Steve,

    The 5 – 10 day Bikepacking Race Mountain Bike Training Plan is perfect to prepare for Colorado Trail but was not designed with 4-5 days of Crossfit in mind.

    To adapt the program to your needs I recommend dropping all the strength training in the plan and replacing it with at most, 3 days per week of Crossfit. Avoid or scale back any specific WODS that leave your quads in shreds.

    Each day on the plan has intensity and duration recommendations.

    Coach Lynda

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