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Coggan vs. Friel HR

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      AvatarTom S

      What HR Zone calculation do I set in Training Peaks for the Masters 40+ 50 Mile Mountain Bike PR Plan?
      The Coggan zones are quite a bit lower HR than the Friel Zones.
      I currently have the calculation fields set for “Lactate Threshold” and “Joe Friel for Cycling(7)”.


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      You are correct.

      CALCULATING YOUR HEART RATE ZONES: Use the TrainingPeaks training zones calculator found in the SETTINGS > ZONES tab as follows:

      1. In TrainingPeaks open your athlete account setting page and select Zones (click on your name > settings > zones).

      2. Enter the average heart rate from your 20-minute test into the Threshold Heart Rate box.

      3. Choose type “Lactate Threshold” from the drop-down menu in the auto calculation box.

      4. Choose method “Joe Friel for Cycling” in the drop-down menu in the auto calculation box.

      5. Click Calculate > Apply > Save.


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      AvatarTom S

      Thank you. I was secretly hoping for the Coggan Zones after this morning’s Z5 intervals.

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