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Choosing Wilderness 101 length to race

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      Hi there!

      I will be racing the wilderness 101 this upcoming weekend and looking for some assistence in choosing between the 70 mile and 100 mile option. I started the 100 mile finisher at the end of May, just after completing the 3 day TSE stage race. I had been training from about December for that and it was the longest race I had done up until then. I felt strong for the 3 day race and happy with my finish.

      I haven’t been able to do all the workouts for the 100 mile finisher, and am having teouble guaging which length to race. I did do the final long trining ride and did 7.5 hours along the same terrain as the race. I was not focused on distance during the ride, but rather steady heartrate and ended up riding in the 40’s for mileage.

      I feel confident I can finish the 70, and that it will likely take somewhere around 10 and maybe 14 for the 100. I’d hate to finish the 70 feeling like I could have done the whole 100, but also don’t want to be unrealistic in expectations. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      Hi TJ,

      I recommend you race the 70 miler. Focus on a quality race experience, finish strong and increase your stoke for future MTB events and adventures.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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