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Change in Race -> Stoopid 50

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      Hi Linda – I have been preparing for an XC race on April 29th that has been cancelled. I am using the Masters Cross Country Build Peak and Race Training Plan. I am starting week 7 of the plan today. So far, I have gained a lot of good fitness.

      Fortunately, I have found another mountain bike race that very same weekend, the Stoopid 50. However, this race is very different. It is longer (40 miles vs. 30 miles) and it has several long, sustained climbs of over 1500 feet of climbing (around 5500ft) whereas the other was more like ~3000 ft).

      Here’s a map of the event with elevation profile. I’ll do the 40-mile version (“The Smart 40”).

      What sort of changes should I make to this plan to better prepare me for this event? I was thinking switching out XC starts with something like a lot of long, low RPM Z3/Z4 intervals or something like that.

      I also have the 40+ Masters 50 Mile Personal Record Plan. Would it make sense to just switch to it?


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      Hi Charles,

      That’s disappointing to have your peak race cancelled. The Stoopid 50 is a great substitute.

      I recommend switching to the 40+ Masters 50 Mile Personal Record Plan. That will fit perfectly for you.

      Coach Lynda

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      Yes, it is frustrating, and this other race is completely different, but I’ve done the Shen 100 & 100k and I know these are awesome trails so it will be fun. Thanks for the advice!

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