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Can/should I shift weekends?

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    Presently I am in week 3 (recovery!!!!) of Masters 50 mile personal best. I am curious about racing a b race next Sunday, 17 March. The race is an XC, so probably around 1.5 hours. The training plan calls for a 4 hour training day. I know I need to get long rides in to prepare for MTB nats in May.
    1. Should I race next weekend or do the long ride? I kinda want to race, but it is a B race.
    2. If racing is OK should I move the long ride to this Sunday, the end of the recovery week, in place of the Z2 2 hour ride?
    Like many, I think racing is fun but I really want to be at my best in May.
    Thanks for keeping up with us silly bike riders, Lynda!

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    Hi Steven,

    1/2. Switch week 4 day 6 and 7 to fit your race nicely. If you are still tired in week 5 day 2, miss out the intervals and do a recovery ride instead. Only do the week 5 day 2 intervals if the power comes easy and you have good leg sensations.

    Coach Lynda

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    Thanks, Lynda!

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