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      Hi Coach Lynda,

      I have just started the Category 2 Sport Build, Peak and Race Training Plan and rode the day 6 1.5 hour moderate ride. I was trying to hit the recommended cadence targets of 90-100 but found that was too fast for me. Doing the same route, on same bike, a week ago I had a faster average pace and lower heart rate at a lower cadence (guessing ~70 rpm but did not have a cadence meter then).

      I’ve read through the forums and see that optimal cadence can be a personal thing. My questions is whether I should stick to the cadence where I’m most comfortable and feel most connected or strive to gradually increase throughout the 12 week plan? By doing the spin ups and intervals, will this just happen naturally or is there anything I should keep top of mind?

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      Hi Rayrayoc,

      It is optimal at being efficient at all cadences. To be efficient you should train the entire cadence spectrum from high to low. When cadence recommendations are in the training plan, strive to achieve them. If you are struggling to feel efficient at 90 rpm, stick with it to improve. On rides where there is no cadence recommendation, ride in all cadences and at your preferred self-selected cadence. The goal is to improve in the entire cadence spectrum as that is what you will need for mountain bike racing.

      Coach Lynda

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