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Bridging the gap – Getting started

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      AvatarAlisa Steinberg

      Hi Lynda.
      I hope this email finds you well. I had a hiccup this week and will now have to start the program tomorrow instead of this past Monday. With that being said, I do have some questions about the training plan that was recently purchased. I have been working out for the past three years pretty aggressively. I’m wondering if the training plan purchased is the right one for me and if so, how do I transition or bridge the gap between what I was doing and what the training plan specifies? This is what most weeks have looked like for at least the past year.

      5am Warriors 55 minutes (spin class combined with high intensity interval stations)
      6am Run on treadmill 45 minutes

      5am Strength Training – Focus on Back Squats
      6am Hatha Yoga

      5am Metabolic Conditioning
      6am Deep Stretch & Meditation

      5am Strength Training – Focus on Bench Press
      6am Warriors

      5am Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights & cardio exercises)
      6am Warriors

      7am Strength Training – Focus on Dead Lifting
      9am Yoga

      Should I continue with my regular scheduled activities and add your workouts? I worry about over training. I’d love to hear your recommendations.

      Thank you,

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      Do not continue with your regular scheduled activities and add our training plan workouts on top. This will for certain be too much.

      For maximum gains in MTB performance I recommend sticking to the training plan as closely as you can. The plan has strength training each week on day 1, 3 and 5 which you can match up with your current strength training day but in order to put more focus on the bike training I recommend you put all your other workouts on the back-burner until after your goal event.

      Coach Lynda

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