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Boxing as strength training and HR field test

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      Greetings all –

      (Coach Lynda we already spoke about some of this via email but posting here for others plus I have a couple new questions 🙂 )

      In Nov I began going to Title Boxing 2x/ week and it is pretty intense, my HR is in zones 5a-5c the entire time (after 5 min warm up) and they end each class with 5-10 min of core work.

      1) Does anyone else implement boxing into their training plans and if so, what in the plan does it replace? Can boxing alone replace the strength training days?
      2) Can I use the boxing classes as my heart rate perf field test?
      Each class I wind up spending a total of 30 min in Zone 5c. (note this is a few minutes at a time, over 8-10 rounds, not a solid 30 min)

      I ask because it is winter here in MN and while I ride no matter how cold, no way are riding surfaces going to be the same from test to test (fresh snow/ packed snow/ice etc). I figure boxing class is a bit more consistent. At least until dirt MTB season. Or should I just do the field test on my fat bike anyway? I have a spin bike but I’ve noticed my heart rates are generally lower on that compared to actual biking.

      If boxing alone does’t supplant strength training then I’m thinking that on my strength training days I’d do the weight lifting -plus- the 45 min of boxing.
      Would that be too much over the course of 29 weeks of actual training?

      Some info:
      Jan 2 I’m starting the 40+ Masters Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan (12 weeks) immediately followed by 40+ Masters 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race – Personal Record Plan (12 weeks). Race #1 June 25, recover for a week then 5 more weeks of training until the A race on Aug 7…..

      June 25 – Lutsen 99er
      August 7 – Maah Daah Hey 100 (my A race)

      Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Brent,

      The bottom line is that boxing is using up part of your weekly time and energy budget and is not contributing in a specific way towards bike performance. Training for two things dilutes your goals. It is clear that boxing is a high priority for you to keep in your schedule. It is not the type of cross-training I would recommend to other athletes.

      1) I have not come across any other athlete using boxing as cross-training for mountain bike racing. It does not replace anything in the plan. It does use energy and time, which are finite weekly resources, so you do need to remove something each week in the training plan to leave room for boxing.

      2) This is a definite no! Boxing uses more muscle groups (like other sports such as xc skiing and running), driving HR higher and will have higher HR zones. Bike zones are lower than zones for most other sports, especially ones that are foot-sports like running. Swimming and biking are sports where the body is supported by the water or a bike and require lower HR’s to reach threshold power. You need to test on your bike in a sport specific situation. If you are doing most of your bike training indoors, test indoors. If you are doing most of your bike training outdoors, test outdoors.

      Coach Lynda

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        Thank you Coach Lynda for the clarification!

        This is all quite new to me and my fascination with boxing is only coz I’ve noticed positive changes to my body in just a short while of doing it, something I’ve not noticed with other activities except of course, MTB. Also, I recently committed myself to a month to month contract w/ this boxing deal so just trying to get my money’s worth 🙂

        Your answer to # 2 makes perfect sense. Obviously I had not considered the differing zones for various sports. I’m still making sense out of my HR and how to train / ride accordingly. Looking ahead at both of your plans I’ve stacked, I will surely acquire a deeper understanding of such. I’ll most certainly follow your suggestions once my plan begins, dropping boxing to 1x/week and I’m pleased to know that I can test outside this time of year.

        Thanks again!

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