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Black Bear Rampage 40

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      I completed the Black Bear Rampage 40 mile mountain bike race on September 13th. My goal this year was to beat my PR on the course of 4:10. I am happy to say that I crushed my PR. I had a finish time of 3:51:38! Not only did I beat the PR, my second goal was to get a sub 4 hour time and I did that too. I came in 17th out of 50 in the Sport 35-49 group, which is a much higher placement than I had in the previous year.

      I used the 50 mile Personal Best race plan and scaled it back to a 40 mile duration. It worked great. I took up riding and racing mountain bikes 6 years ago. It is encouraging to know that I can still improve by such large margins even in my mid 40s.

      In previous years, I was completely spent at finish, and this year I felt like I could have kept going. I feel I executed my race plan perfectly. This race has several long climbs (15 minute+) and one really long climb (30 minute+) and is connected by very fast and fun trails between the climbs. One of the challenges wass to not blow myself out on the first or second climb so that I have something left in the last hour. There is a very steep climb in the last 5 miles of the race and in years past I have had to walk it. Not this year. So I feel like I had great fitness going into the race, excellent pacing, and that my bike nutrition was right where it needed to be.

      Thanks again for the great plan.


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      Congrats on smashing your goal and finishing the race feeling strong. That is great to hear!! All your hard training paid off.

      Thanks for sharing your race photo on our Athletes in Action Gallery. It is always super to put an image with a race report.


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