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Bikepack training (for a time crunched dad)

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      Hi Lynda-

      1) Where do/how do I start training?

      I am a time crunched 37 year-old (happily-married father of two children under 5) wanting to train for and complete the Idaho Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400 bike-packing event in September 2021 without being a selfish husband and neglectful father.

      The event begins on September 8, 2020, and is approximately 420 miles of dirt road and single track with approximately 40,000 feet of total climbing. I would like to finish in 4-days. I am an experienced recreational road and mountain biker, but have never trained for anything specific. I am generally fit and have always been able to get away with doing pretty much anything “off the couch”. However, this event is of a different magnitude.

      I recently got a smart trainer, but have not bought into a specific app yet (just burning through free trials). I am also lucky to have great road and mountain biking very close to my home.

      I tried using the Plan Finder App on your site, but it was not generating any results (as of 1/11/2021). I am reaching out after watching Neil Beltchenko’s “11 Taining Tips For Your Next Bikepacking Ride Or Race” video on the YouTube channel, in which he recommends getting a coach.


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      Hi KCK,

      SnF is such a great race! Be prepared for course detours as it usually lives up to its name!

      I recommend you follow this training plans stack:

      1/18/2021 start the 12-week TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan

      4/12/2021 start the 12-week TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan but follow only weeks 1-9

      6/14/2021 follow all 12-weeks of the 2-5 day Bikepacking Race Mountain Bike Training Plan to peak at SnF on 9/8.

      This keeps your training volume low and focused on quality work through 6/14, then ramps it up in the last 12 weeks to practice with your bikepacking equipment and strategies and peak endurance for the 400 mile SnF.

      Coach Lynda

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