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      Hi Lynda:

      I am an early-30s enthusiastic rider but never-racer looking to do a 50-mile, ~5,500ft race on June 20 of this year. I just want to finish the race, and to do so in a not-totally-embarrassing amount of time. Although I’ve been in better shape, I am in decent shape and think I’ll be able to get there fitness-wise (if not, I’ll find out between now and June!). I did the “Plan Finder” and it recommends that I start now with the Cat 2 Cross Country Time Crunched plan (starting on day 4, week 5) and then switch to the 50 Mile Finisher plan on March 28. Assuming you don’t think a different plan sequence would work better, I have a couple questions about this plan recommendation. First, are these plans set up such that the longer workouts are on weekends? Second, will these plans accommodate winter weather that will not always allow for outdoor training or trail riding?

      Thanks for any input you can provide!

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      Hi AWHI,

      I agree with the recommendation our Plan Finder has for you.

      1. Week-day workouts are shorter and the longer endurance rides are on the weekends.

      2. The priorities to get right on the training rides are intensity and duration. Most of the rides can be done on dirt, pavement or indoors on a spin bike or trainer.

      Coach Lynda

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