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Base Plan help and needing motivation

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      I purchased the Weight Loss Base Plan (and probably should have gotten the masters plan, but oh well) and have been repeating each week to extend the plan over the winter months. I wanted to have some structure and something to be committed to or I felt I’d lose focus and motivation. I’m starting Week 6 on Monday 12/14 and have taken the last two days off. I’m finding I’m tired and low energy frequently and starting to miss planned workouts. My goal is to participate in the SNF400 Race in September. My plan is to follow the 2-5 day Bikepacking Plan leading up to the race.
      1. Should I continue repeating each week as I have been or should I just work through the 12 weeks and start the plan over from the beginning?
      2. Should I be incorporating an additional rest day or more each week? I’m 51, 52 in April, menopausal and recovery (and weight loss) is much slower these days.
      3. Any advice for keeping things fresh and staying motivated over the next 9 months of training would be appreciated.
      Thanks for your help!

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      Hi Dina,

      Many of us are lacking sunlight and outdoor time this close to the winter solstice. Supplementing with Vitamin D can help with motivation, energy and recovery.

      1. I recommend following weeks 1-12 of the Weight Loss Base Plan, then progressing on to a different plan. Repeating each week to double the length of a plan can lead to staleness. The next plan I recommend is the Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan. This plan has more structured wieght training which is a must for peri/post menopausal women.

      2. If you are tired and not feeling recovered between workouts, definitely add more rest. Also look at all of your recovery habits, especially sleep and protein intake. Peri/post menopausal women need a higher protein intake than pre-menopausal to promote protein synthesis and recovery from training. If your sleep quality is poor, look at sleep promoting supplements such as tart cherry juice and melotonin to improve sleep.

      3. Give yourself monthly or even weekly challenges to achieve. This helps with short term motivation and gives positive feedback when you accomplish them. Accumulating many small wins is motivating. Consistency goals that are achieved with mostly persistence (rather than any performance standard) are my favorite at this time of year. Examples are: ride 5 times this week or sleep 8 hours every night or stop eating after 7pm every day or stand/ride/walk in the sun for 10 mins at solar noon. Save performance goals such as power or speed goals for late summer when these factors are the focus. Share challenges with friends and ecnourage each other on virtual platforms such as Strava or more direct communication. Get outside as much as possible. Look at the SnF course and tell yourself that work done in the winter equals a more enjoyable experience in the summer. Use your SnF goals as a motivation tool. Put up course photos beside your trainer and on your phone lock screen.

      Coach Lynda

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