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Bailey Hundito

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      3rd place men’s SS. Stoked!

      Checking in with an update. The men’s SS Hundito was the race I had in mind back in December when I decided to do some racing this year. I’ve been a coach in the Colorado HS League for 6 years and the Bailey Hundo raises a ton of money for the League. Buffalo Creek recreation area has some of Colorado’s best ss terrain and many of the guys and gals I’ve been riding bikes with for the past 20 years show up. Stacked the SS XC base plan with the old man’s 50 mile PR plan. Along the way I also did the Grand Junction Off Road 40 miler on the SS and finished 8th. Two very different races, but I hit my time goals on both of them.

      Not much to “report” other than bikes were raced, fun was had, and well-earned beer was consumed. First place rider was young, handsome and had an awesome beard, so basically a younger version of me. His result is not surprising.

      As far as feedback goes, I’ve done a lot of bike racing over the years just doing my own thing for training and I’ve had good results. The biggest difference for me following your plans was how I felt towards the end of the races and in the days following. I was going strong at the end of the Hundito. It is a much better sensation than running on fumes. The hardest part was the last week and skipping fun rides because I was “tapering.” Never thought I’d say that with a straight face.

      Thanks Lynda!

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      Thanks for the report and congrats on hitting your times, finishing strong and having fun – awesome.

      Have great HS season too. You’ll need that fitness to chase those fast HS kids soon!


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