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average vs normalized power for intervals

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      hi lynda
      thanks for your help with plans recently. in retrospect i probably didn’t have to base strength coming into the 100km PR plan, but it’s been great nonetheless.

      apologies if this has been asked previously – i searched but couldn’t find…

      when doing intervals like 3x20min or long tempo sessions, on rolling terrain, which is largely what i have available mid-week, i find it hard to maintain target power. But i can get the Normalized Power for the lap to be about right by keeping HR in the right zone – is this appropriate? or am i just fooling myself?



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      Hi John,

      If your HR and NP are in the right zone you are close enough to the workout target to call it good. The goal is to have 100% interval time at target power but training is often a little less than ideal. Your compromise is workable.

      Coach Lynda

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