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“Anti-Epic” Gravel Grinder

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      Hey Lynda,

      The race went great.

      It started out pretty cold – in the 20s. I threw on my lobster gloves and put some toe warmers in my shoes. Threw a jacket on and hitched 250oz of water over my shoulders. After a nice easy 2 mile roll out, the race was on. A group went out super fast. I was going to try and hang, but could tell I was going to bury myself. So I settled into my own pace.

      Between miles 40-70 I passed about 10 riders. At mile 115 I got passed by one rider. Shortly after I rode through some peanut butter mud and had to spend several minutes using tire levers to get mud off my bike and wheels so I could roll again. Then I did the same thing 5 minutes later. Sugar was obviously being diverted from my brain.

      First 80 miles were a walk in the park, last 80 were a different story. Big headwind or cross winds all the way home. Ended up riding the whole day solo aside from a few friendly chats here and there. 

      I would have done more liquid nutrition next time. My homemade rice cakes were really hard to chew and breath at the same time. 

      In the end, I finished in 4th place. Total of 160 miles. I think about 1/3 the field was DNF. 11 hours in the saddle – 7 hours longer than my longest ride of the season! Sort of amazing that it worked out.

      Followed it up with a nice easy week. Hit the mountain bike yesterday and legs felt good, so I did some hard efforts.



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      Congrats on 4th place and a great race.

      I agree about the rice cakes that they are good for training and not so good during a race.

      Thanks for the race report.


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