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Anaerobic Endurance Workouts

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      Hi Lynda

      I got my Power Beam Pro Trainer early last week.

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      These are in depth and personal questions which may be better answered in a consult format than on the forum. Contact me to set up a consult if you would like further detail than provided below.

      1. The goal is to go as hard as you can. This means power fade is inevitable.

      2. Depends who's “6” description you are reading. This is a philosophy question. Different coaches have different philosophies and training methodologies. You can swap workouts on a pre-built plan anytime you think they will fit into your personal situation better.

      3. Again this is another philosophy question. Some coaches will say yes and some no. If you are using the Performance Manager Chart to track your CTL and progress than you will clearly see you need to do the equivalent workload on the trainer as you do outside to keep your TSS on track. The prime reason to cut down indoor workouts would be to increase the amusement factor. Do the same workout indoors on the trainer and then outside on the road at the same effort level and compare your TSS for each to see if you are at the equivalent workload.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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