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Advice for an October peak.

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      Adjusting plan question.

      Hi Linda,
      Some guidance required please.
      I was on your 50 mile 40+ plan aiming for a xc 7 hour solo race for May.
      The race was postponed (due to Covid) until Aug so I restarted it again, and then the race was cancelled completely. So I kinda now has 2 weeks of riding with out a focus.
      My form has increased so its been all good training and speed improving which has always been my weakness and endurance not such an issue, I can pace myself v. well. Quality over quantity has worked well , even with the extra time I stuck to the plan.
      I have shed loads of weight , and thus my performance has increased dramatically this summer.
      An now weigh what i did when I raced IronMan in my thirties and eating habits transformed.

      My question is.
      I Had a training race planned as an 8 hour xc pairs team race to help training before the May (solo) race.
      This is now in October and now my only target race for the year., we will be swapping each lap relay style. ( approx 1 hour lap time i would think)
      I need a bit of a plan to help focus on this.
      The laps will be a bit more intense effort than a solo 8 hour race with a recovery in between.
      I have a selection of your plans and was wondering the best way to approach this without over training and peaking too early.
      Thanks Coach!!

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      Hi Graham,

      Congrats on all your great progress over the season. I recommend you continue with the 50 mile 40+ plan to prepare for a 8-hour duo race. You will be riding about 50 miles during that event. The 50 miler plan has enough high intensity training to prepare you for 8-hour duo pace.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thanks Lynda,
      The plans are fab.
      FTP now 315.
      + 30 clicks over the Covid lockdown period, proving quality and consistency works.

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      So awesome!!

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