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      Just downloaded your 4-day mtb stage race plan, which concludes for 3-day Breck Epic. Can you advise me on how to adjust the plan to accommodate the Firecracker 50 on July 4th in Breck?

      In addition, please tell me which plan and adjustment for coming off the stage race and racing Dakota 5-0 beginning of September.

      thank you!


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      Hi Kevin,

      To best fit Firecracker 50 into your season I recommend you start the training plan one week early on 5/14 and insert training plan week #12 (race week) into your plan on 7/2 for Firecracker 50 week. After FC50, recover for the rest of the week then get back on plan on 7/9 at week #8.

      After Breck Epic take a week off training for recovery then repear week 11 and 12 to peak again for Dakota 5-0 on 9/2.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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