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Adapting workouts for the indoor trainer

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      AvatarMax Julien

      Hi ya’ll,

      I’m Max I’m 24, I’m an amateur bike frame builder, student and Food Bank worker.

      I just recently got the single speed mtb base training plan. This is my first proper attempt at structured training. I’m doing it just to get stronger for the sake of it, hoping to get way better at single speeding. It would be cool to be fit for single speed USA next year.

      Anyway, I have a smart trainer and my only bike right now is the ss mtb. Nothing in the repair or build queue is a road bike either. So while I can’t exactly do training rides out on a road bike I can do them at home. More convenient with my schedule as well. I’m hoping for pointers on how I could best approach adapting some of the on the bike workouts to indoor ones. I’ve got zwift and a few other tools for setting up virtual rides, but I’m open to suggestions. Just looking for general advice and pointers I’m pretty new to this whole thing.


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      Hi Max,

      The Single-Speed training plans go not have structured workouts that can be followed on Zwift. If most of your training is using a smart trainer indoors, you will be better exchanging it for our Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan which does have structured workouts that can my synced to Zwift and followed indoors.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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