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4th year of racing WORS

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      So Ive been racing WORS here in Wisconsin for 4 years now, and this last winter I did the build Cat 2 base plan and then started the build/peak/race program also, and I wanted to let you know that I really as seeing a difference in my skills, speed, and overall ability over last year racing.

      This year I am once again Cat 2 sport but I am in the Open fat bike category but I am racing with all of the Sport guys and girls at the same time. There has been 3 races so far and at each one I have bettered my time (on a fat bike) than the previous year at an average of 3-10 mins.

      Last year I was on a 22lb Carbon hard tail Superfly. This year I am on a 28lb hard tail Farley 6 Fat Bike. So i am very pleased that all this training has been paying off, esp because I finally did something I had been trying to do for 4 years. I got to stand up in 2nd place on the podium.

      *On a side note* I am just finishing up on the 12 weeks of build peak race… I should restart once again and that will take me to the end of my season in October correct ?

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      Awesome. Great to see your continued success and development – keep it up!

      Repeating your 12 week Cat 2 build peak race training plan is perfect to take you to the end of this season then continue next season with the Cat 1 plan series.


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      Really Cat 1 already ? Even if I am going to continue to race Cat 2 Sport ?

      In January should I begin once again with the base plan and then double up with build/peak/race ? Is there a Cat 1 base plan ?

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