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40+ masters mountain bike base training plan

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      Lynda, good morning. i have spoken with you several times via email over the course of the last couple days. i appreciate your quick responses and your insight. i asked you about the endurance mountain bike training plan to prepare for the point 2 point, here in park city and you recommended the 40+ master mountain bike base plan. however, before i purchase it i just want to make sure it would be the proper plan or if i should go with the personal record training plan. i mountain bike throughout the year. in the winter, i fat tire bike and summer is regular mountain biking. i have been biking hard for about 5 years now. i have been riding for 20 to 25 years. i ride 6 days a week and i ride in zones 3,4, and 5 most of time. my average ride time in 2 hours 20 minutes and i do one 3 + ride per week, even in the winter, on my fat tire bike. i am 48 year old male, 150lbs, 5’10” 8 % body fat. i think i am pretty fit and i just don’t want to do a program where i am not getting enough training. however, i have never formally trained before. maybe i need a little less intense riding and training and more recovery but that is why i am emailing you! lol! thanks, ryan

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      Hi Ryan,

      I stand by my original recommendations for you. The 40+ plans are the ones that will maximize your performance gains for P2P. Thanks for the additional info.

      Coach Lynda

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