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    I will be racing Tahko 120 km on 28.6.2019. I have done the race seven times. I would like to use the +40 100km personal best training plan. If I do so, how could I adjust the plan since I’m commuting to work daily 1-1,5 h (30-40 mins/ direction). Commuting is easy ride, recovery or “endurance”. I usually do my work out in the morning right after my commute ride.

    I’m riding two shorter races 60 km before Tahko in beginning of May and June. How can I fit those races to the plan? I was thinking of starting the plan already in February, so I would have more time if something unexpected comes along. I just finished the +40 Basic plan in the end of December.

    What is the difference in the plan if I purchase it in PDF format? Will my cycling watt levels be right in PDF?

    Thank you!
    Best regards,

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    Hi Tuula,

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have a +40 100km personal best training plan. We have a Masters 40+ 50 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan and Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record training plan to choose from.

    It can work well and be time-efficient to do your training during your commuting ride time if that is an option for you.

    Please provide race dates for any questions about how to fit a race into a training plan.

    The content is the same in the PDF and TP versions.

    Advantages for TrainingPeaks are:

    Any LW Coaching training plan can be followed with a free Basic TrainingPeaks subscription
    Additional analysis features available to add with a paid Premium subscription such as downloading power files, viewing maps and graphs. Here is a chart comparing TP Premium subscription and TP Basic free plan features and costs
    Can download structured workout format to Garmin devices and smart trainers for live power training with compatible plans. Note: Not all plans are compatible. This is a power training only feature and not available for heart rate training
    Online storage of your device files giving you a backup if your local storage fails
    Training log continuity for a user already on TP and logging data
    Can store training plan in TP library for future use
    Great mobile app
    Can be used with free Basic TP or with a paid Premium subscription. Premium vs Basic features table here.
    Disadvantages for TrainingPeaks are:

    Have to be online to use TP
    Has a learning curve some users do not have time for
    Extra monthly cost for Premium subscription (no cost with free Basic subscription which is compatible with all LW Coaching training plans but has access to fewer analysis tools).
    PDF advantages:

    Simple no frills doc
    PDF’s are easy to reuse
    No extra subscription costs
    Easy to scroll forwards to view future workouts
    Do not have to be online to view your PDF.
    PDF disadvantages:

    Lacks advanced device file storage and analysis features
    PDF’s are easy to lose!
    There are pros and cons to PDF vs. TP and no real winner. If you will use the tools on TP and don’t mind paying for the extra subscription fee that is a good option. If you don’t think you will use any of the tools on TP and want to save on the extra subscription fee TP charges you can still use the free Basic subscription. If you want the most simple format PDF is the way to go.

    Coach Lynda

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    Hi Lynda,

    Thank you for quick answer!

    Unfortunately it is not possible for me to do my work out while commuting since the weather conditions are difficult (I live in Finland) and there are quite a lot of other cyclist, cars & pedestrians in the traffic on my way to work.

    What is the main difference in the training plans for 50 and 100 miles?
    Which plan would you recommend to me? My best time in Tahko is 8.01 h and I would like to make big improvement to my race time in this year. I’m 49 years old female. The shorter races (60 km) are approximately (the schedule is not confirmed yet) on 11.5.2019 and 1.6.2019.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Tuula,

    The 50 miler plan is for races of 3-6 hours in duration and the 100 miler plan is for races 6-12 hours in duration.

    I recommend on January 14th you start our Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan then progress on to our Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record training plan to peak for Tahko 120 km on 28.6.2019

    Your first short race on 11.5.2019 fits perfectly into week 5 of the 100 miler plan. After the second race on 1.6.2019 add 5 additional recovery days before returning to the training plan.

    To modify your plan to account for commuting hours, I recommend the following:
    1. Drop all recovery rides
    2. On interval + commute days, cut the duration of the warm-up and cool-down short but complete all intervals
    3. On endurance+ commute day, reduce the endurance ride duration be the time you spent commuting that day.

    Coach Lynda

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    Hi Lynda,

    Great, will do that! Thank you very much! 😀

    Best regards,

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