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2X CTR Training Plan or 40+ MTB Base+CTR Plan?

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      Hi Lynda,

      I bought your CTR Training Plan to use for this year’s race. I was planning to do it twice after a 2-week “restart” since I have 28 weeks to the race, maybe adjusting down the training time the first cycle. However, I saw that you advised someone else to do the 40+ MTB Base plan and then the CTR program.

      As a bit of background, I’m turning 50 in April and last August I did 400 miles of the TD route (WY-CO) in 5 days before having to leave b/c of bad saddle sores. I just re-started training this week after a 6 week period completely off. My Strava Fitness level the last day of that trip was 54 w/ 99 fatigue. Last November, right before the 6 weeks off was 51 with 80 fatigue, and right now it’s 29 Fitness with 10 fatigue, if that helps in any way.

      what’s your recommendation, 2X CTR Plan or 40+ MTB Base plan + CTR Plan?


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      Hi Segundo,

      I recommend you do the 40+ MTB Base plan prior to the CTR plan rather than 2 x CTR plan. Given your starting point, the 40+ MTB Base – CTR plan sequence will be far superior for you.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thank you Lynda. Will do.

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